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Community Support

The most important thing for the success of the Saluda Grade Trail is active support from our community. Many local governments, civic organizations, and community members have proudly voiced their support for the trail. Please add your voice!

Voicing Your Support  

Let people know that you support the trail—whether that’s through personal conversations, a note to your elected leaders, a letter to the editor, or a post on social media. When voicing your support, be respectful of others’ points of view. Your personal story may be the most persuasive way you can advocate for the trail, so share what the trail means to you and the people you care about. A letter to the editor of your local media can be a helpful way to support the trail, especially if you go on to share it with your own networks. We appreciate if you also send your statement of support to  

Support from Community Groups and Leaders 

Statements of support from local governments, civic organizations, businesses, nonprofits, and other community groups can be powerful in demonstrating public support from the trail. If you want to make a difference for the Saluda Grade Trail, please work with any organizations you are connected with to give a statement of support. This simply needs to say why you believe the Saluda Grade Trail will be good for your community. Please share your statement with local elected leaders, local media, and your own networks. Please also send your statement to

Statements of Support

The following local governments, community leaders, and organizations have issued statements of support. You can follow these links to read their endorsements. 

City of Inman 

City of Landrum 

City of Saluda 

Polk County Appearance Commission 

Polk County Community Foundation 

Saluda Community Land Trust 

Spartanburg County Council 

Tryon Downtown Development Association 

Tryon Fine Arts Center 



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